I have this really horrible pain in my muscle. I think it’s in the rhomboid, but I’m not sure. Some doctors have told me what they think it is, but I’m not sure I believe them completely. I’m skeptical about doctors in general because I got to where I am today entirely by my own intuition and ideas, NOT theirs. What worked for some patients, I doubt would work for me. Currently, I’m taking some painkillers to help me sleep at night.

But anyways, what I’ve been doing for it right now is just some stuff I’ve watched on YouTube. I’ve watched several videos, enough to get a ton of perspectives, and what I do is blend them all together and take all the advice at the same time. It’s usually tough to find a video that covers my exact issue, so I have no choice but to take the bits and pieces of the videos that happen to cover my pain for more than a few seconds. Luckily though I can tell right from the start if something is going to work for me or not. I don’t like working against my intuition, so I’m not going to get all wishy-washy and work half with and half against my intuition. It would be better to be completely wrong than constantly uncertain about being right (Plus, I don’t want to spend 3+ weeks on something that actually won’t even work for me).

Even if a longer amount of time goes by where I don’t have my issue fixed, I’d rather have spun my wheels figuring out what doesn’t work so I can get closer to what does work. Suffer now and prosper later. Some people can wear out their joints before they’re thirty years old, but I still have a few years to go before I can prove that one wrong.

Plus, I have a friend who does a lot of fitness stuff on the side. He has a decent amount of followers on YouTube, and a lot of people at the gym respect him and say what’s up to him late at night, so I feel like that’s just an extra level of credibility on TOP of my good faith in him.

Recently, he recommends that I rent some rooms for three of his fitness friends. He thinks that with all of their combined knowledge, they’ll be able to take a 360 degree approach to solving my ailment. In return, I just have to let them live in my home and have access to my amenities and food. I’ve told them how to turn the shower to just the right angle to stop the dripping at night, and I know I’ve told them more than a couple times to clean their dishes–which they’d probably have time to do at night since I can hear them talk amongst each other when they think I’m not awake and listening.

At the end of the day, it’s because of the fact that I can afford to do good charity for these misunderstood and burgeoning geniuses that I wouldn’t dare betray them after all the work they’ve done for me. The day that they come to me with the solution is going to be one of the best days in my life and in theirs.