No you shut the fuck up. Now you let me tell you something. When I was about 14 I played an mmo called mystic worlds that was made in RPG maker 2000. It was the project of some guys on this forum full of sprite comic makers. There was like 10 users at most on at any one time, and several of the users were friends with the admin and had the strongest weapons. One kid we played with named Brandon wanted really badly to be given the same rights and weapons as these other guys and they would always kill him for fun and make him cry. He finally had enough and stopped playing for a long time. One day I logged in and the world was all messed up with the wrong sprites and someone kept killing everyone and kicking them out of the game. one of the users, helix7392, private messaged me on the forums and said to me: someone hacked the game. I kept trying to join the game until I was finally allowed to stay. the hacker teleported me to him and his sprite was pacing back and forth as he told me the story of how he was once weak and now he was the strongest in all of mystic worlds. That was when he revealed it was him, Brandon, all along. He then proceeded to gank me and steal all of my weapons and ban me permanently from the server. So yeah, actually, I DO have a pretty fucking good idea of what it’s like to be in a school shooter situation.