The whole world is made up of these constituent parts. I forget what they are. It isn’t important. But we just need to remember that they all interlock like gears and cogs in a big machine. But the machine isn’t really like anything we know of. In fact, just forget every notion you have of what a machine is. The analogy of the machine is completely useless here. The only thing that defines a machine are all the parts working together, whether living or inanimate. Even then, what we’re talking about is far beyond that. I think we were headed in the right direction by forsaking the idea of the machine altogether. The only real way to think about this is to think about when you feel the same feeling more than once. That thing is probably something important because it almost feels real. That’s probably more real than most things, but at the risk of soundinggg *gestures hand in a motion to substitute a word*, we shouldn’t think of it that way either.

But it was raining outside. The sound of the raindrops on my roof at first sounded like the scuffling of an animal in the attic, but the onslaught of pitter patters ruled that out. The sound became unbearable, and I forced myself out of bed. I did not want to check the clock lest time resume and prevent the moment from persisting.