How to be aware of exactly what you’re feeling right now. That’s the tough one. That’s the question of the day. These are the questions of the day and that’s why they’re so important and hard to answer.

If i had a sandwich for every time I asked this question, it wouldn’t be filled with so much condiments and oils that I get that kind of gross greasy feeling in my stomach after eating it.

A relationship that sounds good to me is one that can be described like chewing up a sandwich so much that it’s just mush in your mouth, and the parts are all homogeneous now, and there’s no point in sifting through the condiments and toppings at this point. No person in the relationship can be worried about the ingredients at this point, they are both totally on board to the whole chewing/eating dynamic and are good with it and ready to swallow soon.

The little crumbs on the bottom of the bread is the indication of a good sandwich shop (Jersey Mikes, Jimmy Johns, not Subway), and bound to be good.

A slight chill induced cold/fever-like symptoms and whenever I swallow I get self-conscious that I’m becoming sick.